My Philosophy


Information technology should better our lives. Whether improving network and information system performance in a business environment, or increasing personal and professional time and resources management, the goal is the same: Implementation and adoption of technological solutions that maximize productivity and efficiency.

I’ve always been fascinated by technology and made it my profession, but the reality is, I’m a people person at heart. A technology professional that loves to work with people may sound a little enigmatic, but it makes sense when you consider that no matter how well designed an IT solution is, success or failure depends on how well it is understood by those using it. Let’s face it, technology can be frustrating and intimidating, but a clear understanding of the use and application of it can go a long way in alleviating that fear and frustration. That’s where my strength lies. I’ve spent my career constantly studying the latest technological advances, and I am uniquely skilled at communicating that knowledge to users at all technical comfort levels.

While I’ve enjoyed my experience as an Enterprise IT Manager and Network Engineer working with some skilled IT teams, and through that experience have been able to expand my technical expertise to include enterprise level project analysis, design and management, network and data security administration, and  virtualization analysis, design and administration, I’m pleased to be consulting independently again. I’m excited to take my large enterprise experience and use it to again provide my home office and small business clientele with IT hardware support, network administration, graphical design, publishing and multimedia production, business application support, and Web development.

I do indeed enjoy the challenge that keeping up with technology presents me, but the real satisfaction is in helping others benefit from it.