Who I Am

guitarI’m an Arizona native that loves living in the American Southwest. My youth was spent in both the Arizona capital city of Phoenix in the Sonoran Desert, and the pine forests of the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona. Along the way I’ve lived in California, Utah, Nebraska, and Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I love being creative. I like producing something out of almost anything I get my hands on. I love creating music with my guitar and on the computer. I love confronting problems around the house or in business and finding creative ways to fix those problems. I love to figure out how to fix things when it helprunfromthecopss people. I’m a born teacher. I design wood artworks. I enjoy being a handyman and learning how to fix things rather than calling someone else to fix them. I enjoy maintaining my own vehicles. I can see how something can be made to fit any situation. If something doesn’t exist to fill a need or space, I can make it.

I love teaching and interacting with people that have a desire to improve. I like knowing I’m leaving people more comfortable with what they were uncomfortable with when I arrived; getting others excited about things they were afraid of; helping others overcome their fears. I get a lot of gratification out of making others feel better, easing fear and intimidation of things they don’t understand.

grandchildrenI make time to read and study good books, and classic literature. I enjoy storytelling and anecdotes. I enjoy yoga, walking, swimming, hiking, tennis, racketball, and strength training. I like to travel.

I love time spent with my wife and family and friends. I like to give my best effort and feel I’m better each day than I was the day before.

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